7 Fun and Creative Romantic Ideas to Surprise your Partner

8 Fun and Creative Romantic Ideas to Surprise your Partner

8 Fun and Creative Romantic Ideas to Surprise, your Partner 

Valentine’s Day, Wedding Anniversary, Your Spouse’s Birthday – the greeting card and flower industry have a slew of holidays designed to sell more cheesy cards, overpriced roses, and boxes of chocolate. Romance has become commercialized, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t need to buy into their version of romance. Except for the chocolate, chocolate is almost always a good idea. 

Instead, make it about you and your spouse/partner. Make it meaningful for the two of you. If it means exchanging cheesy cards or getting her the flowers she had on her wedding bouquet, by all means, go for it.

But there are also plenty of other frugal ideas to a bit on the expensive side that may be a much better fit for you as a couple. You know, some of our best romantic dates and gestures didn’t cost a dime.

Let’s dive right in and share some fun and romantic ideas that will not break your bank. I hope they will inspire you to step up your game and come up with something amazing this Valentine’s Day, your anniversary, or “just because.” And this applies if you’re a man or a woman. We all like to be romanced, even as godly couples.

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Beyond Flowers & Candy

Romantic Ideas

Flowers and candies for the girls and power tools for the guys are the standard gift idea, be it a birthday, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary. Let’s look beyond that for some fun and creative gift ideas from frugal to expensive. You’re sure to get some good ideas for romantic gifts for any occasion. And they’ll be much better received than the “same-old, same-old.” Ready to step up your game and the romance in your life?

Make It Personal

Romantic Ideas

You don’t need to spend a lot to make a special and romantic gift. Instead, make it personal. Print up some pictures you’ve taken over the years as a couple and put them in the picture frame or album. Or get fancy with that video editing software and make a movie of the story of the two of you.

Here’s another fun idea. Pick up a pack of index cards. Grab a pen and come up with all the different reasons why you love your spouse or partner. For the price of a pack of an index card, you have a beautiful and romantic gift. Make or buy and decorate a box to keep them in to step it up even more.

Make It An Experience

When it comes to romantic gestures, it’s hard to beat a candlelight dinner with delicious food, a good bottle of wine, and a dessert that involves chocolate. A romantic gift doesn’t have to be a physical gift. Make it an experience instead. Cook a romantic dinner at home, make a reservation at a fancy restaurant, or recreate a favorite date.

Romantic Ideas

Or how about a weekend getaway? Plan a romantic outing as a gift. He or she will cherish the memories for years to come.

Spoil Him Or Her 


Romantic Ideas

We all have things we would love to have but don’t indulge in. You probably have a pretty good idea of what your spouse/partner covets. Be it a piece of jewelry, a new fishing rod, or a special bottle of wine, find something your loved one would never buy from him or herself and get it.

Of course, you can also spoil your partner without spending a small fortune. Make breakfast in bed and take over the chores for the day. Let your loved one binge watch Netflix or head out for a day with friends while you watch the kids. Just letting a new parent sleep in and take a shower in peace can feel like the royal treatment.

Make It Something The Two Of You Can Do Together

Romantic Ideas

Some of the best romantic gifts are things you and your spouse can do together. We already talked about romantic dinners and weekend get-away. Another great idea is to take a class together. Sign the two of you up, and you get to spend quality time together as a couple each week for months to come.

Or schedule a couple’s massage. While it can be on the pricey side, it can be a relaxing and intimate experience the two of you will treasure.

Even something as simple as renting a favorite movie and snuggling up on the couch together after putting the kids to bed can be a beautiful romantic gesture that won’t cost you much.

Celebrate The Good Memories

Romantic Ideas

Do you remember the early days? When you just started dating, after you got engaged, or early on in your marriage? You know what I’m talking about … the Honeymoon stage when your days and your relationship was filled with romance. Why not make a big romantic gesture by celebrating and recreating those memories of the early days of dating and marriage.

It’s a wonderful way to rekindle the butterflies and excitement of those early days in your relationships. And that has benefits that go far beyond being romantic and spending some quality time with your spouse. Reliving those happy memories helps us get out of the rut of the day-to-day routine and rekindle the romance and passion. It’s a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship and marriage. Here are some ideas for simple things you can do to relive and celebrate the good memories from the beginning of the two of you’s story.

Music and Movies


Do you have a song? Maybe it’s an entire album or a particular artist. It’s so easy today to dig up just about any song. Find it on YouTube or get it on I-tunes and play the music you both associate with the time when you were dating.


Did you play a particular song during the proposal or your wedding? Relive those happy memories with the music that accompanied it. It’s the perfect way to set the mood for a romantic date, be it out and about or at home.
And speaking of date night at home, what’s more fun than snuggling up on the couch with a movie you both love. Rent a movie you went to see while you were dating or one that has a strong tie to you two-story. Can’t think of anything? Lookup a romantic comedy on Netflix and snuggle.

Food and Drink

Romantic Dinner

We’ve got the music and the movie covered, now let’s talk dinner, breakfast or lunch for that matter. Any meal can be romantic. You don’t have to stick to a candlelight dinner. If your evenings are spoken for, get up early, and make breakfast in bed for the two of you. Or pack a picnic lunch to take to your spouse at work to celebrate a special day.

Of course, a nice candlelight dinner (with your favorite music playing in the background) is always a wonderful option too. Revisit a place you both loved when you were dating, or re-create a favorite meal, remind both of you of the early days of your relationship.

Places That Have Special Meaning

Think back on the dates you went on when you first started going out. Where did you go? Do any places have special meaning to the two of you? Yes, this could be a restaurant you went to on your first date, but it could also be a park where you took a stroll, a museum, or art gallery you visited together, or a cute little bed-and-breakfast you spent a romantic weekend at.

Romantic Ideas

Make a list of your favorite places that hold memories for you, and then plan to revisit one (or several of them). If you’re still living in the same area, or are taking a trip back there, get in the car and revisit all your favorite haunts. Have a cup of coffee in the coffee shop you first met, have a picnic lunch at the park where you used to meet after work, and have dinner at the local diner you’d hang out at on a Saturday night.

Reliving your memories is a great way to remember why you fell in love with your spouse for the first time. It’s fun to relive those exciting early memories, but it also shows you how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown as a couple.


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  1. Each time myself and hubby reflects on some good memories during the early days of our relationship it immediately ignite a connection between us that’s magical. More grace darling

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