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Knowing God’s Love

 “God loves us too much to indulge our every whim” ~Max Lucado

My 4-year old son, Praize, is one kid who can drive you crazy, and at the same be the sweetest kid you will ever know. We named Praize (Praise) because we wanted to be reminded of the need to praise God when we say his name.

When I was pregnant with him, my husband heard God say to us that, He would use him significantly and that my growing fetus has got a tremendous heart for Jesus and will be a balm to the ailing world. He, however, needs to yield to Jesus Christ, holding back nothing ultimately. Well, we are ceaselessly praying for him, and we know God is the keeper of his life, who knows him wholly to lead his paths more than we can do as his loving parents.

Being a sensitive child, we are always careful about approaching his requests and too many demands. We have learned that we can relate better with him when we talk him through reasons some of his requests are being or can be declined by his dad and I. Truly, I get amazed at how articulated he is at four years old.


Despite the fact I know this about him, I still unconsciously skip it! I have had so many times when I do not follow the drill to explain things to my 4-year sweet son. My husband is awesomely great with that; I’m probably not as patient as he is. I get with my boy on the same level where he is frustrated, angry, maybe throwing tantrums that I scream “No” to his request.

I get very impatient that I deny him access to whatever he’s asking. On many occasions, when we get into this fuss, he comments/ questions that I’m awed. The first time he sent chills down my spine, he said, “mommy, you don’t love me, you don’t give me what I want, so you don’t love me!” amidst sobs and tears. I was so broken at his outburst, and I knew he sincerely felt unloved. Still shocked, I wondered how I could prove to my pumpkin that my love for him is not a function of what he does or not, especially when he goes on to pass judgment on himself and grumbles, “I am not a good boy.”

I’m not over it yet that with all the show of love he gets, he can, in a second, doubt my love for him. Still processing that he could think of himself not a good boy because I say “NO” to his requests, which in most cases is to have my phone makes me empathic at his feeling of indebtedness and undeserving.

My husband and I have seen a pattern of self-loathing with him. We have prayed and talked with him, reassuring him that our love for him is unconditional. 


“God Loves you more than you can imagine.”

That reminds me of God’s love for us. Don’t you in more seconds doubt His love for you? Are you on a guilt trip and feeling undeserving of the Father’s love? Do you think yourself not good enough and the need to garner works of righteousness to please him? Are you in your waiting season, sobbing and crying? Are you questioning God’s love for you, hoping you don’t run out of patience and praying He answers you this moment?

How many times have you acted out just like my son because God said “No” or “wait” to your request? As a mother, I know what is right for my son; he may not know what’s best for him. Liken this son – mother relationship with you and God. He knows what you want, do not think otherwise.

He always knows the best plan for us, and we can never understand better than he does. Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans for good which will bring you to an expected end.”

Can I remind you that God loves you? He gave his only begotten son, Jesus, to die for your sins. God loves you because He is God. So, like I remind my son that we love him because he is our son. God loves you because you are his son and daughter, and He made you. All he wants is to have a relationship with you. Would you give him that chance? Would you give him your “Yes” so that you will fully experience the abundant life he has for you?

God wants you to know He loves you. There is nothing you can do to change the love he has for you. You are part of God’s family. Stop stressing the small stuff, but rejoice because you have a father who loves you deeply.


2 thoughts on “Knowing God’s Love”

  1. God recklessly loves us.

    His love is not conditional, it is not seasonal.

    Thanks Abba for loving me.

  2. Wow!!!!!
    This piece is just like a breakfast and nourishment to my soul.
    Thanks ma’am
    I receive God’s love consistently

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